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Your Lips Deserve Love Too

Just like the skin, there are a lot of factors that influence the appearance of your lips. From lifestyle to diet, weather elements like sunlight to dust and smog, the health of your lips is constantly being tried on a daily basis. In case you haven’t noticed, your lips is one of the most easily noticed facial feature. Plus, licking them when they’re dry or chapped just won’t cut it. These soft, luscious features could really increase your aesthetic appeal if properly cared for. Not everyone can get perfect lips, but investing into its health can help you get the best version of your lips which is pretty close to perfection. Here’s how.

  • Exfoliate

  • Hydrate

  • Moisturize

  • Repeat


Just like you would do for your skin, the same approach applies to the lips. Layers of dead skin can accumulate on the lips and if proper exfoliation isn’t done, it may resort to peeling which can be hurtful. Exfoliating also cleans the lips as minute food residue will also be removed from the lips, hence, take the initiative and remove the extra layer of skin from your lips. There are several products and ways to exfoliate your lips. Some use lip scrubs while others may use a wet cloth. To be safe and avoid hurting yourself, start with an all-natural and hypoallergenic lip scrub. This will be effective in getting the job done and it will also checkmate allergic reactions.


Taking care of your body is proportional to taking care of your lips. Dry or chapped lips are one of first indicators of dehydration and while some may think repetitive lips licking can help combat dry or cracked lips, it actually aggravates the issue more. You need a lasting solution, hence, drinking as much water as you can will eliminate dehydration and prevent your lips from getting so dry. However, if in severe weather conditions like winter or summer, drinking a gallon a day will not reverse the chapped lips. This is where moisturizing comes in.


Your lips deserve to be moisturized just like your skin. After all the dead skin layers are taken off by exfoliation, a new skin is revealed and this serves as a blank canvass. By using lip oils, balms, or other lip moisturizing products, you add a protection barrier between your freshly exfoliated lips and the harsh weather conditions. Also, these moisturizing products add to the visual aesthetic of your lips. They add shine and make your lips look more voluminous whilst protecting and hydrating. As a pro-tip, always go for lip moisturizers that offer UV protection as this helps maintain the natural color of your lips.

Your lips form the curtains to your smile and if they’re not properly cared for, the appearance of your smile isn’t at its fullest potential. By applying these steps and showing your lips some love with cruelty-free, 100% natural products like ours, your lips are guaranteed to improve in appearance, texture, form and effect.

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