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Entrepreneur LaTonia Chantel is more than just a woman; she is a force to be reckoned with. She believes in empowering others and is the President/Founder of Sisters Building Sisters Worldwide Ministries, INC and True-Girlfriends. Her ministries extend into various areas, including being a Certified Life Coach, an Ordained and Licensed Minister, a Published Author, and a Model. However, her roles as a woman do not end there. She is also a dedicated military wife of nineteen years and a mother. LaTonia continues to inspire others to embrace their true potential and reminds them that with God, all things are possible.

The Legacy Continues

My grandmother, Rether Jordan was a woman of classy and exquisite taste. She was soft spoken and had a love for people.  I’m everything I am because she loved me. She was and entrepreneur and a true go-getter. I witnessed her run multiple businesses and succeed greatly in each of them.  She was a woman of agape love. Before she passed we talked often about me starting a cosmetic line and she would always say,” whatever you do, Keep It Sexy." I plan on doing just that. The legacy continues grandma. I miss and love you. You taught me well in all areas of my life.

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